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Do you need to communicate with your German or Dutch-speaking target audience? Are you looking for a high-quality translation – one that is technically correct, contains accurate and consistent terminology, and is flawlessly written? Would you like to work with a professional translator who is not only an expert in their field, but also flexible and responsive to your needs? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


How does the translation process work?

The process is simple. Just send me the text that you need translating or proofreading. I can accept any of the following formats: .doc/.docx/.xls/.ppt.

I will take a good look at the whole text and subsequently send you an individual quote.

How is the price calculated for translations?

The price depends on the amount and type of the text and the degree of difficulty.

My prices for translations start at 19 cents per word (basic price). Additional charges may apply depending on the type of text, the delivery date, the degree of difficulty, and the file format:

Dagmar Kittelmann is a specialist technical, medical and legal translator for English or Dutch to German translations!

Professional competence

Translator, editor, founder of the Translation Agency NedDuits


Dutch, German, English

Video & Audio Transcriptions

Dutch, German, English

Response time

Just a few hours

The advantages for you as a customer

Why should you work with Dagmar Kittelmann from the NedDuits translation agency?


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Please call me +49 163 333 82 48 or send an e-mail to info@nedduits.com

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